A very warm welcome to Santillan on the sunny coast of Andalucía, southern Spain.

Travel day and arrival

 By airplane

Santillan is about 36 km east of Malaga. Malaga has an international airport, which is serviced by a large number of international and budget airlines from many countries. We can arrange a taxi transfer for you. 

In case of group, the students arriving in the same time, could share the taxi transfer.

 Driving from the airport

The drive from Malaga airport is straightforward. Leave the airport in the direction of Malaga. Follow signs that say ‘Almeria’ and ‘Motril’ on what will become the A7 motorway heading east toward Almeria and Motril. Do NOT go towards Granada, Cadiz, and Seville. Stay on A711 and after about 20 minutes and then take EXIT 967 off the motorway, in the direction of Marcharaviaya, (Torre de Benalgabon). Please note that the motorway exit signs are not in strict numerical order! Then turn left and follow the road underneath the motorway and up the hill towards Macharaviaya following the signs painted on the rock, as explained above.

By road

If you will be making your own way by car, you will see our latitude and longitude details and Google Map address for satnav devices at the footer of this document. You need to get off the motorway at EXIT 967 in the direction of Macharaviaya and then follow the road up the hill towards Macharaviaya. Here you will start to see our signs ‘ SANTILLAN’ painted on the rock in green and red letters against a white background. Be sure to take the right fork next to the school at the beginning of the mountain road, as signposted.

The painted signs on the rock will guide you along a serpentine road up the hill for 3 kilometers, with quite spectacular views north over the mountains and nearby white mountain villages and southward to the Mediterranean Sea. Just after 3 km on this mountain road, you will see a big black-and-white sign with red letters at a sharp right-hand turn. Take this turn to the right and follow this second, more narrow mountain road for about 1.2 km, and Molino de Santillan is at the end of a right-hand turn off this mountain road.

Check-in and Check-out


Our usual check-in time is 3.30pm. Please check with your group leader about the check-in time for your group. At check-in, we will need to register your name and passport number, take a swipe of your credit card and give you two room entry swipe cards. No charges will be added to your credit card without your signed approval, except in the case of unreported damages discovered after your departure.


On your departure day, please check out of your room by 10.30 am latest. On departure days we are very busy and appreciate your support in helping our housekeeping staff to complete their duties. Please make sure you have emptied your safety box on departure.

Please settle all Honesty Bar, extra and treatment payments before departure.


All rooms at Santillan have an ensuite bathroom, with a bath tub and shower, complementary toiletries, hair dryer, hot and cold air conditioning and/or fan, work desk and a balcony or patio with sea or garden/mountain views.

Catering and special diets

At Santillán we recognise that each teacher may have different preferences and needs for their students. We make every effort to cater to the needs and timings of each retreat and the teacher’s and guests’ wishes, within reason.

We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner OR early morning fruit, juices, tea and toast, brunch and dinner. Meals are usually served buffet style.

The cooks at Santillán enjoy sharing their popular Spanish and Italian influenced healthy cuisine, yet are also able to cater for gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free and raw. Completely raw food catering is available, if arranged upon booking and for the entire group.

We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner OR early morning fruit, juices, smoothies or light snacks, brunch and dinner. Meals are usually served buffet style.

We keep free-range chickens, so fresh eggs are available to your guests daily.

It is essential that you inform your organiser of any dietary requirements, within reason, well in advance so that they can let us know of your needs.

If, for medical reasons, you follow a highly restricted diet, we advise you to bring with you any essentials you might need for your wellbeing.

If you are prone to a severe reaction to an allergen, for example, a very small amount on a kitchen knife or board, it is essential that we be informed. Please note that we are unable to offer absolute guarantees for such allergic conditions.

Internet & Telephone

We have complimentary wifi Internet in all common areas and some rooms. We have good coverage for mobile phones with the national Spanish mobile phone operator Movistar.

We ask that you do not use your mobile phone in common areas, especially by the pool, in the dining rooms or the terraces in the front of the retreat centre. There are dedicated areas with seating for the best signal strength and privacy.

Things to bring

  • Yoga mat and yoga mat towel – we have a state-of-the-art equipped yoga studio with yoga mats, but for hygiene reasons or for extra comfort you may want to bring your own mat. If you are used to using a yoga mat towel, please bring your own, too, as those we do not provide. If you use one of our studio yoga mats, you will be required to wipe it clean at the end of each class.
  • Beach towel and Sport towel – we provide towels for showers and pool towels, but please bring your own beach towel and sport towel
  • Swimming costumes – we have a salt-water pool large enough for comfortable laps and leisure swimming. Please make sure that you shower before and after entering the pool.
  • Sun-hat
  • Sun protection cream – we ask that you be mindful of swimming in the pool with sun protection cream on. Please follow the showering instructions before and after entering the pool.
  • A good book – we have a multi-language library growing at Santillan. Please feel free to leave behind your books when you have finished them, so that future guests can enjoy them. Please remember to return borrowed library books to their dedicated sections when you leave.
  • Walking shoes – pair of walking shoes or strong sandals are recommended if you want to take advantage of the walks around Molino de Santillan.
  • Insect repellent – we prefer that you use natural insect repellents. If you use deet products, please be mindful when and where you spray these repellents.
  • Water bottle – you can fill this with water from our water fountains.

Yoga Salas

  • Our spacious state-of-the-art, brand-new yoga sala 170 m2 and equipped with the following:

    • Sprung, thermally insulated wooden floor
    • All the necessary yoga props: 6 mm thick yoga mats, foam blocks, wooden bricks, belts, bolsters, blankets, sandbags, chairs and wooden slant boards
    • 24 stations on the The Great Wall, the world’s leading ‘yoga rope wall’ manufacturer with detachable yoga wall belts, which can be used at five different heights on the wall
    • Ceiling fans
    • Led lighting with dimmer controls
    • Built-in media capability with hifi, Wi-Fi
    • Two large quartz crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bells, tea light holders, incense holders
    • Chalk bags


We have a salt-water pool, 12.5 x 5 x 1.50 m, and a pool patio with sun beds.

We have 1 paddle tennis court, which is free for guests to use.

Although we can see the Mediterranean Sea from Santillán, by road we are about 7 km from the sea and local beaches. We can arrange a taxi/minibus to take you to a beach.

 There are two walks accessible from Santillán:

Route 1: Around the hotel, about 30–40 minutes. Walk down the mountain to the water basin, climb round the other side of the hotel.

Route 2: Through the mountains with beautiful sea views, can be as long as you want.

Golf: We have an arrangement with a local golf club for reduced access to their green and with a local riding school to go horseback riding. In winter months, horseback riding along the beach is a special opportunity. In the summer months, a local go-kart track in about 20 minutes’ drive towards the beaches is a fun activity for motor sport enthusiasts.

Excursions: We work with a tour company and can arrange full- or half-day excursions, at a separate cost and with an English-speaking tour guide, to nearby places such as Granada, Alhambra, Cordoba, Seville, Gibraltar and Morocco.


We can arrange a range of therapies for your guests. Sessions are to be booked on arrival and payable in euro directly to the therapist.

  • Facial beauty treatments
  • Massage
  • Thai yoga massage
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Osteopathy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Regression and soul therapies
  • Reiki


In the warmest months, May–October, all you need to bring are your favourite summer clothes, as the weather will be comfortably warm, sometimes hot, day and night. During late July to late August, occasionally it can be quite hot day and night, as the winds sometimes come up from the Sahara desert and we are bathed in glorious desert heat. In the evenings after the sun has set, there may be a few mosquitoes, as with most of the Mediterranean coast, so a few thin long-sleeved and long-legged garments and ankle-length pants, skirts/dresses would be handy.

Life in Mediterranean countries is oriented to outdoor living, and Molino de Santillan is the region of the highest levels of all-year-round sunshine in Spain. However, if you’re coming during the cooler months, November–April, we recommend dressing in layers, so bring a set of warm clothing and socks for cooler mornings and evenings and a waterproof jacket, in case it rains. During the winter months, December–February, it can be cooler, sometimes cold, in the evenings, at night and early mornings, so a fleece top, a warm sweater or a woolly jumper, a warm shawl, warm pyjamas and warm socks will be needed. It hardly ever rains in December–February, and you can enjoy glorious warm sunshine during the day throughout the year.

Extra payments

Besides having cash for your airport transfer, the extras you may need to pay for include any excursions, massage sessions, bar bills, laundry charges and purchases from our boutique.

We have a self-service ‘Honesty Book’ system for buying soft drinks, beer and wine. You log your purchase in the book and settle your bill at the end of your stay.

We accept payments in euro cash and all major credit cards. We cannot accept bank transfers for payment of extras.

Travel Insurance

It is a condition of booking that you take out full travel insurance to cover cancellation, travel costs and other eventualities.


We usually prefer to observe silence from 10.00pm onwards in the evening and first thing in the morning until the first yoga class. However, your group leader will inform you of your group timetable and of your individual retreat observances.


Santillan is in a very peaceful and safe rural area, at the end of a road. There is no traffic. However, we take your security very seriously, both in relation to your possessions and your safety. Santillan meets all EEC standards for safety and security. Please follow the instructions in your room relating to fire exits, fire procedure, incense and safety deposit boxes.

Each bedroom door has swipe key cards. Housekeeping will only enter your room when the wooden plaque on your door permits entry. Santillan cannot accept responsibility for your personal possessions.


We make no judgement about smoking, but in respect to non-smoking guests we do ask you to only smoke in the designated areas away from the buildings and common garden areas, thank you. Please leave butts in the receptacles provided. No smoking in your bedroom or anywhere indoors at any time.

It is especially important to be mindful of dry natural vegetation during the spring to autumn months throughout Andalucía, as bush fires flare up easily.

Incense and Burning Candles

It is ok to burn incense in rooms, but please use the incense holders provided. No incense on wooden surfaces, please. Under Spanish law, to prevent fire hazard, you are not permitted to burn candles or tea lights in the rooms, because the textiles are not made of fireproof material.

It is especially important to be mindful of dry natural vegetation during the spring to autumn months throughout Andalucía, as bush fires flare up easily.


Toiletries – we respectfully request that, where possible, you bring sustainable shower and hair products to Santillan.


Still water, caffeinated and non-caffeinated coffee and teas are available 24 hours and are free of charge.

For soft drinks, beer and wine on other days, we run an Honesty Bar at individually marked prices. All other alcoholic beverages and individually prepared juices, smoothies or cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) will be served at our bar and are chargeable to each guest on check-out. Guests will settle their Honesty Bar bill on check-out.