Manasa Yoga Retreat by Kasia Gendis

During the retreat we will immerse ourselves in a beauty of the surrounding nature. We will be connecting to the present moment through all our senses.

Manasa Yoga Retreat by Kasia Gendis

We will feed our body with foods mostly grown and prepared for us, right there in the centre. 

We will enjoy the silence of the valley, the touch of the gentle calming breeze, on our body, the smell of the fruit trees and grasses around us, the warmth of the Andalusian sun and the stunning views of the sea. 

Over the 4 days of practices we will be lead through the beauty and peacefulness of the environment around us into the beauty of our own inner environment, that will be attuning with the surroundings, calming down, relaxing and switching our body into the mode of resting and digesting, away from the stress mode. 

We will be learning and practising useful tools that can support us and help us stay in the relaxed state of the body and mind, once we are back into our daily environment.

Join us to help yourself expand your body and mind’s stress capacity and feel more relaxed even after you come back home.


Yoga practices will be offered in the mornings on the terrace overlooking the sea (1.5-2 h), where we will be able to soak up some sun.  

Afternoon/evening classes (1-1.5 h) will be held in a beautiful, fully equipped studio. 

Practices are suitable for beginning as well as for intermediate level students. 



775 euros per person, for double occupancy
973  euros per person, for single occupancy 


What’s included in the price:


  • Use of all facilities
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast, light lunch & dinner
  • Unlimited tea, coffee & water
  • All yoga practices


Not included:

  • Flights to/from Malaga airport
  • Airport transfers
  • Massages
  • Excursions