Integrative Energy Healing Retreat with Millana Snow

Join Millana Snow and community for a week at Santillan Retreat Center in Malaga, Spain from August 6-12 for an intensive Integrative Energy Healing Training – retreat style!

Integrative Energy Healing Retreat with Millana Snow

Spend the week in a gorgeous environment nestled in the mountains with a global community of healers, and learn about energy fields, the chakra system, Millana’s favorite spiritual tools, breathwork and meditation and intuitive guidance.

There is an oasis waiting for you, nestled in the mountains just off the Alboran Sea, where you will be called into deepest communion with your spirit.

Where you will find the answers that have always been within…

Where you will recognize the truth of your destiny…

Where you will play in the ocean and feel your feet in the soft grass as you let the work of your life wash over you, carrying you into a new way of being.

This is no ordinary retreat!

This is a healing experience on the deepest level, a chance to be held by the beauty of earth and community as you unlock the powerful healer within.

The program
Millana’s Integrative Energy Healing trainings facilitate deep transformation and rapid upleveling of the mind, soul, gifts and wellbeing, for both experienced and new healers alike.

This is a life-changing experience and you will never be the same, because your healing and breakthroughs will overflow into the healing and breakthroughs that you will share with others.

During the retreat, students will come together in community to do deep healing work through morning breathwork and energy healing sessions, afternoon talks and application, and evening nervous system integration.

This work is focused on your expansion and deep soul-level healing. The group will move through multiple intensive Integrative Energy Healing and holotropic breathwork sessions, facilitated by Millana, shedding years worth of emotions, limiting beliefs and baggage so you can transform into the powerful person you’re being called to embody.

Millana will also teach on spiritual practices, facilitation and a variety of healing systems.

This retreat will facilitate the deepest integration for Integrative Energy Healing students yet, with plenty of time for embodiment practices, resting, long soaks in the bath, body work, and lounging in the Spanish sun.

The Practice
Integrative Energy Healing

Millana’s unique, intuitive style of energetic work. With a focus on the chakra system and the spirit realm, this practice clears and opens blocked or stuck trauma and energies that can make us feel heavy and disconnected from Source. IEH is built on the premise that all healing is available in the HERE and NOW, reconnecting you with the healer within.


Simply a style of altering your breathing pattern, breathwork is simpler than people often assume – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. The style of breathwork that Millana teaches and practices is called Holotropic breathwork, which will take you into altered states of consciousness that will allow you to experience deep release and a rewiring of your subconscious mind.


Because this work works so quickly, integrating it into your energy through the body and mind is key. You will be guided through supportive practices to help your body absorb its new frequency like ecstatic dance, yoga, or hands-on work, with deeper support offered in guided sharing circles, automatic writing practices and group meditations. At the end of the week, your body and soul will feel brand new.


The best integration is often rest and there will be plenty of that on this trip. Think sunsets on the beach, floating in Santillan’s tera cotta pool, massages on the terrace, fresh Mediterranean food served al fresco, and solo meditation in the garden. Your days will be filled with magic, whether you are in the work or simply receiving the blessings of this space.

How much does it cost? Single Room (SOLD OUT):
Full or Queen Bed in a Single Room

Ensuite Bath & Shower

$4,500 USD

Luxuriate in your own energy and stay in a solo room with full or queen four poster bed and beautiful ensuite bathroom with local tile. Take in the views on your own patio or balcony. Extremely limited spots available.

Shared Twin Room

Twin Bed in a Double Occupancy Room

Ensuite Bath & Shower

$3,800 USD Each

Lean into the beautiful community that we’ll be creating and share a room with a friend, old or new. Twin rooms come with a private bathroom for two and plenty of private outdoor space and beautiful views of the Mediterranean. Please mention the person you will be rooming with after booking, if desired.

Shared King/Queen Room

Queen or King Bed, Shared with Another Guest

Ensuite Bath & Shower

$3,800 USD Each

Perfect for friends or a couple that want to deepen the integration with some closeness. These rooms include a king or queen bed, shared by two people, and a private shared bathroom. Extremely limited spots available; please mention the person you will be rooming with after booking, if desired.