Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat with Lisa Hampton

A Sensory-filled Retreat. Slow down and hear, smell and taste, and let your senses come alive. Be in the moment whether it’s in a yoga pose or seeing an exquisite 900 year old palace or tasting a delicious tapa or feeling the passion when watching a flamenco dancer.

Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat with Lisa Hampton

Andalucía offers an abundance of sensory experiences to be savored and in this way, we extend our mindfulness practice from the yoga studio into our travel. We seek to balance rest and relaxation offered by the peaceful sanctuary of Santillan Yoga & Wellness Center with exciting and fun new adventures. The retreat is designed so that you can do as little or as much as you’d like. Yoga classes, meals, and included activities are planned but always optional. 



Yoga practice will be offered on most mornings in the beautiful studio before breakfast. In the evening, a restorative yoga class will help you relax and sleep more deeply. Appropriate for beginning and intermediate level students, classes emphasize the wisdom in honoring your strengths and limitations and to be grateful for all that your body can do.

All classes are taught by Lisa Hampton


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