Our Gardens

Santillán is located at the top of a countryside valley 5 kilometres from the Mediterranean Sea. Due to our micro-climate and our love of flora our gardens have matured to a tropical Mediterranean paradise, bursting with rare and colourful plants, shrubs, trees and flowers.


When Molino de Santillán was first created the gardens and surrounding farmland were a priority for Carlo Marchini. He not only planted numerous tropical trees, plants and rare vines while converting the old olive mill to a boutique campo hotel, but added huge greenhouses, potting sheds and horticulture study halls.

Inspired by his mission we have recently planted over 300 more fruit trees and are gradually revitalising the propagating and growing of plants, fruit and vegetables at Santillán……and hopefully our own wine and olive oil in years to come.


Marta, Tana, Simon and the staff love to work in the gardens and farmland, maintaining the beauty and care of this bountiful land.

You can often find Marta watering the gardens after midnight in summertime. Water is precious here and Santillan shower and kitchen water is re-cycled for garden irrigation. We prefer you to bring bio-degradable bathroom products please.

Around our gardens and surrounding land you can find many peaceful places to simply sit and enjoy the peace and splendour of the molino and the surrounding countryside and sea.